About us


About us


We are a Start Up oriented to innovate the offer of interior lighting, maintaining the best of the Italian tradition.

Our mission: to create a daily ritual that brings us back to our essence.

Customize the living space, modeling its shape through complementary lights. To offer our customers not only the opportunity to turn on a lamp, but to recall in their daily awareness the importance of being able to allow themselves a space, a breath or one of their favorite evening activities.


Creativity, innovation, design, craftsmanship

Reverbero includes in each of its proposal essential elements for the creation of an exclusive object: creativity, innovation, design, craftsmanship.

These distinctive elements are able to return design objects capable of exciting and producing sensations of curiosity and sometimes wonder. Sensations that we often experience when we are faced with proposals that manage to capture the best of Italian tradition, which have had the audacity to express the essence of innovation.

From the idea to the realization, we do everything in Italy. Be it design or production! Why? The Italian tradition has given us objects that have become icons of Italian culture, timeless objects, destined to last forever.