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Organic Waves

The “Organic Waves” project started from a question: is it possible to be still fascinated by the shapes that nature offers us and, by being inspired by them, to be able to infuse a product with that beauty that manages to enchant us every time?

The name of the collection explains what the source of inspiration is: archetypal forms. Such shapes, like the reflections of a sunset, the geometric repetitions recurring in nature, are a source of emotions and leave room for the contemplation of beauty. The use of traditional materials such as ceramics and fabrics, which have accompanied the path of our species on earth, have been shaped thanks to the identity capacity of Italian design, involving young product designers. Unique pieces of lighting, the result of research and experimentation.

“Craftsmanship, design, nature have always exerted a strong fascination on us. These elements have become the center of the Reverbero identity – explains the founder – through the “Organic Waves” project.
By exploring new possible ways to give life to artisanal products, for example through the use of digital paths, Reverbero has redesigned traditional processes in order to generate something new, but recognizable, identifying and common at the same time.

The basic philosophy translates into compositions studied with elegance: from the choice of materials to the details, the effect is that of a new object, able to give us moments of relaxation and make us feel pampered even in the living room, always surrounded with a feeling of returning to nature.

Man has always used the available technology to create tools and utensils. Some of these were used in rituals. Our mission is to create objects that can help us create the right atmosphere, surround us with beauty, create a ritual (for example while reading a book or sharing our day with the people we love) or simply to enrich the environment in which we live and make it personal.

The curves of the soft organic forms contrast with the effects of light, which produces reverberations on the glazed surfaces. The handcrafted process of sponging and glazing of the ceramic gives the collection a truly unique character.

Each lamp, after careful quality control, is provided with a 100% Made in Italy Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee.

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